Release Notes

dog v0.2.0 — Unreleased

This is the version of dog currently in development. It will be released very soon. It adds support for several new record types, makes the UI more user-friendly, improves Windows support, and fixes several bugs and crashes.



  • Allow non-capitalised record types on the command-line (07a098ca)
  • Allow underscore in domain names on the command-line (8bccd753)
  • Use the first available resolver on Windows (3b5b09d6)
  • Put program name before command-line errors (101bacc6)
  • Show a warning when using a feature that has been compiled out (4e7aaf65)
  • Show a hint when looking up a domain that also exists in “/etc/hosts” (6a05bef3)
  • Escape any non-ASCII characters in the output (846ba4ae, 640818d3)
  • Support “NO_COLOR” environment variable (812cf0ba)


  • Fix parse bug in long TXT records (f756c676)
  • Fix ANSI support on Windows (41488838)
  • Fix crashes when no resolver is found (cf051a9f, d84b33d6)
  • Fix incorrect parse error message being shown for truncated TCP response packet (0094d7b6)
  • Fix clumsy packet handling when resolver buffers using DNS-over-HTTPS (26b9e3cc)