Other record types

dog also supports the following record types, even if it doesn’t have dedicated documentation pages for each of them.

The EUI48 and EUI64 record types v0.2.0+

The EUI48 and EUI64 (extended unique identifier) record types hold 6-octet and 8-octet network addresses, including MAC addresses. They are typically found on private networks, rather than being reachable using public DNS resolvers.

The NAPTR record type

The NAPTR (naming authority pointer) record type holds rules for the Dynamic Delegation Discovery System.

The OPENPGPKEY record type v0.2.0+

The OPENPGPKEY record type holds an OpenPGP public key.

The SSHFP record type

The SSHFP (secure shell fingerprint) record type holds SSH public key fingerprints.

The TLSA record type

The TLSA (TLS authentication) record type holds TLS certificates, public keys and hashes.

The URI record type v0.2.0+

The URI (uniform resource identifier) record type holds an arbitrary URI, along with “priority” and “weight” fields.