The LOC record type

The LOC (location) record type contains a position of something on the Earth.


Here, we query for LOC records of the domain “”. This is a service that geo-locates United Kingdom postal codes, returning their latitude and longitude.

The result is a latitude of 51°30′3.637″ North, and a longitude of 0°8′29.624″ West. This happens to be the location of Buckingham Palace. The other three fields are all set to zero as they are not used here, but they represent the size, the precision, and the altitude of the point being located.

The values are displayed in degrees, arcminutes, and arcseconds.

$ dog LOC
LOC 13m39s   0e0 (0, 0) (51°30′3.637″ N, 0°8′29.624″ W, 0m)