dog, the command-line DNS client

Record types

dog supports all these amazing record types:

  1. A
  2. AAAA
  3. CAA
  4. CNAME
  5. HINFO
  6. LOC
  7. MX
  8. NAPTR
  9. NS
  10. OPT
  11. PTR
  12. SSHFP
  13. SOA
  14. SRV
  15. TLSA
  16. TXT

Unknown record types

Records with a type number that doesn’t map to any known record type will still be displayed, but as they cannot be interpreted, their contents will be shown as a series of numbers instead.

Future record types

dog also contains a list of record type names that it knows the type number of, but is not able to interpret, such as IXFR or ANY or AFSDB. These are acceptable as command-line arguments, meaning you can send an AFSDB request with dog AFSDB; however, their response contents will still be displayed as numbers.

They will hopefully be supported in future versions of dog.