There are two ways to install dog: either by downloading a pre-compiled binary, or by compiling from source.

Downloading dog

If you use Windows, macOS, or Linux on a 64-bit machine, you can download a pre-compiled release from GitHub. To install, copy the binary in the bin folder to a directory within your $PATH.

The releases are signed using minisign. The public key is available on my website.

Compiling dog from source

dog is written in Rust. You will need rustc version 1.45.0 or higher. The recommended way to install Rust for development is from the official download page, using rustup.

dog’s code is hosted on GitHub. To build, download the source code and run:

cargo build --release

Copy the resulting binary, which will be in the target/release directory, into a folder in your $PATH. /usr/local/bin is usually a good choice.

More instructions are available in the README on GitHub.